Diapers for Diplomas Program Helps Parenting Students at UNR

Baby in diaper, holding diploma and wearing graduation cap.

The Diapers for Diplomas Program is an initiative to help parenting students attend or return to higher education to gain new skills, complete a degree or credential, have opportunities for meaningful, long-term career choices and advance in the workplace.

Completing a college degree or certificate is one of the primary pathways to economic success but money is often a barrier to the completion of this.  78% of parenting students cited family responsibilities/finances as the number one challenge in pursuing their degree.

Through this program, qualifying parenting students will receive 200 diapers per month for a full academic year, thereby eliminating one more barrier to higher education.


  • Students must be the parent/guardian of the child(ren) who require diapers
  • Provide proof of enrollment as a part-time or full-time student at Nevada State, TMCC, UNLV, CSN or UNR. 
  • Students must complete the online registration form 
  • Recipients must pick up their diapering supplies from a designated location with on campus and off campus locations