Parents and Professionals

The prospect of heading off to college can be intimidating for young men and women who are looking to further their education. College signifies the beginning of a young person’s journey to individuality, independence, identity, and interpersonal interactions with others. It’s a time for exploration and learning, meeting new people, and creating lifelong connections with professionals and peers. Unfortunately, the college life also seems to be synonymous with the media portrayal of a 4 year long exhilarating party life. For those in recovery from substance use disorders and behavioral addictions, this can make attending college daunting–dashing some student’s dreams of continuing their education.

Fortunately, the University of Nevada at Reno has one of the leading Collegiate Recovery Programs in the nation right in the heart of the main campus. NRAP is a community that provides a nurturing environment that fosters growth and the attainment of educational goals while also providing a safe location where students who are sober or in recovery can go and meet others who are making the same life choices. NRAP also provides a diverse schedule of recovery oriented meetings ranging from twelve step meetings like AA and NA to meetings that encourage and provide structure for overall wellness and growth. While NRAP has the benefit and guidance of both a Program Coordinator and a Professional Program Director, many of the meetings and support groups that are offered are facilitated by the students. This allows them to form positive connections with each-other, bond and provides them with a more flexible schedule for meeting attendance in-between classes.  

Because NRAP is located in the center of the university campus, the lounge is a ideal place where students who are living in the dorms and off campus alike, can go to get out of the sometimes intimidating environment of the campus and into a safe environment that is free of drugs and alcohol or behaviors that may be triggering. NRAP offers a program for students to engage in that gives them a social outlet, connection to community resources, sober events on and off campus and recovery and wellness activities promoting overall health in recovery.

Families are in Recovery, too!

We at NRAP are invested in providing a safe environment for your loved one in recovery. We are aware, however, that the college student is not the only member of the family who is learning to embrace recovery.  We understand that families may have concerns around their young adults’ recovery plan and activities and can feel alienated from the University system’s privacy requirements.  Many family members seek confirmation and information that their student is happy and healthy, and that they are retaining their commitment to recovery.  We believe that you are an integral part of your student’s success and happiness, thus, we want to be available to you, our student’s significant others, as well as to the students directly.

With all of this in mind, we intend to provide opportunities for families/friends of recovering and sober students to experience the hope and excitement our students gain through involvement with NRAP.  We will do this by:

1)    Being available to you, too.  That means, feel free to contact Terra or Daniel with any questions or set up a time to visit.

2)    Developing a family weekend event for our students’ “important others”

3)    Inviting you to volunteer or participate in NRAP activities

4)    Providing educational information to you about addiction recovery and family recovery

Please join our staff and students in celebrating recovery and the joy of sobriety!

NRAP Family Recovery