Recovery Ally Training

NRAP’s Recovery Ally Training provides knowledge and skills to community members to become empathetic allies for individuals seeking and sustaining recovery. The training enhances attendees’ ability to support those in recovery by:

  • Understanding that recovery is a long-term process with unique implications for student and personal success while confronting myths and stigma regarding opioid addiction.
  • Using person-first language related to those who have struggled with addiction and are seeking to maintain recovery.
  • Being available to listen openly to individuals who express the need for help or support and talk to students who might be struggling with substance use or behavioral addictions.
  • Recognizing special considerations when interacting with diverse populations such as individuals coming out of the criminal justice system and those receiving MAT treatment.
  • Knowing what a Peer Recovery Support Specialist does and how they can positively impact individuals entering and sustaining recovery.
  • Understanding the purpose of Naloxone, how to administer and where it is distributed in Northern Nevada and recognizing what resources Nevada has for people in recovery from opioid use.

To create recovery ready communities the entire continuum of support to those in or those seeking recovery and their allies must be implemented. Join NRAP in promoting and celebrating recovery by signing up to host a training.

Email NRAP Senior Project Coordinator Daniel Fred:

Recovery Ally