As we approach Halloween it is important to make plans that won’t hinder you in your recovery. I found this article and felt it would be useful. Hope you enjoy it.


Are you ready for Halloween this year? If you are in recovery and need a good idea for an event, then check out our Top 13 List of Fun Sober Halloween Activities.

The biggest thing for young adults to stay sober during these sort of built in “drinking holidays” – Halloween, St. Patricks day, New Years Eve, and birthdays is to find sober friends either through meetings, rehab, church or other support groups and then plan their own activities.  It’s called “be the host” and it keeps the environment controlled.  It works in a variety of situations.  It is important for the younger crowd to still participate in holiday fun so they don’t isolate and become depressed, but if you are trying to stay sober you might not want to engage in the same activities as you did before.

Most cities have a ton of Sober Halloween activities that you can go to.  There are a bunch of sober options like getting dressed up and going to plays like Thriller and other productions. There are activities to go to like a Witches Night Out type festival.  There are always some socials and a few costume parties.  Just be carefule to choose parties wisely and to not to get put in a triggering situation.

Top Thirteen(scary) Ways to Have a Fun, Safe & Sober Halloween!

1.  The fellowships (AA, NA, CA, HA etc.) always have a fun sober activity planned.  Ex. The Hallowclean Ball

2.  Have a scary movie night, either at home with good influences or at the theatre! (Best to watch at home)

Rob Zombies Halloween 1 & 2

house of 1000 corpses

the devils rejects

Friday the 13th

Freddys Dead: The Final Chapter

3.  Trick or treating for canned goods!

4.  Haunted houses, hayrides and corn mazes are never a bad idea (Best in Utah)

Castle of Chaos

Nightmare on 13th

The Haunted Forrest

Nightmare Mansion

Hee Haws

5.  Sober vacations are a great get away.  Start your first annual Halloween vacation with friends.

6.  Host your own sober Halloween party; you can have fun making snacks, activities and crafts. (Pinterest is an excellent resource for this!!!)

7.  Create a fun Halloween mix and have a dance party.  (top 4 songs)


I Put a Spell On You


Monster Mash

8.  Pick your own pumpkin at a pumpkin patch, then carve it and roast the seeds.  YUM!

9.  Host your own costume party and contest.

10.  Grab your flashlight and camera and go on a ghost hunt!

11.  Have a Halloween sober BBQ with your favorite fixins’

12.  Do the Pinterest Sober Halloween challenge

13.  Research and tour your city’s haunted locations, stories, and scariest murders

If one of these above activities is simply not enough to satisfy your Halloween spirit and you absolutely must attend a party where there will be alcohol, at least follow some of these tips:

  • Although it may be an event with friends there, make sure you bring someone in full support of your sobriety – a sober companion.
  • Do not try to be the life of the party – enjoy the costumes.  Don’t be a marathoner, leave early and show up a little late if possible.
  • Going to a party with alcohol is one thing, going to one with people you used to use with is another.  Try to avoid situations where you are around people that could influence you to drink.
  • Be honest with your sober support people.  Let a few of them know what you are doing and let them know your relapse prevention plan.  Make sure they are available for you to call at any moment.
  • The relapse prevention plan is key – use your tools from your addiction treatment program to create a solid exit strategy.
  • Finally, DON’T GO – you don’t need to, you have sober friends and a loving family and people that would love to spend time with you in situations that don’t put you at risk.  Watch a movie, go trick or treating with your kids or a friends kids, go guess speak at a drug treatment center, eat so much candy you get sick, watch the Breaking Bad marathon, watch every Simpsons Halloween special, drive south 2 hours do a cart wheel and drive back while listening to wicken songs, write a top ten list of how to spend Halloween not at a party…