Recovery means finding peace and comfort with the demons some of us call addiction. It is coming to a place of harmony and personal balance with the presence of my problems in my everyday life, yet not allowing them to have a toxic influence in either my life or that of those around me.  It is finding joy in life where it may be found, in the absence of a substance. Recovery is re-discovery and for some, like me, it’s an initial discovery of the person I am. Recovery is a journey that may last a long time for some and a short time for others. It may come easy at first and get difficult after a while or it may come difficult at first and get easier with time. It may be a life long struggle, a weekly struggle, a monthly struggle or even a struggle we face just once in a while. Recover means growth, hope, and triumph. Most of all however, is that the concept of recovery means that we are not alone. That we are not the first, nor will we be the last to face these struggles, these addictions, these demons and to me, just the knowledge that there are others who experience the troubles that I do gives me hope that I may conquer them for good.

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