Good evening all!

This interesting article gave me a good look at the susceptibility mortality each addict faces depending on the drug they choose.   When I heard the news about Philip Seymour Hoffman just a few days ago I was shocked when I found out his whole story.  Prime facie, it look like he died from heroin after 23 years of clean time ending in 2012 and finally taking its toll after a relapse on painkillers.  I, like many others, didn’t know he was clean for so long, although the outcome is tragic it is still commendable that he had that many more years to live a diverse and well loved life.  Take a little time to read up on this, it sounds obvious, but that’s not what science is about.

The journal article referenced, although it only addresses cocaine vs heroin, it gives a good comparison.

Slate has another good article on this event too