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Recovery: A process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.


Students who want to live a sober lifestyle tend to isolate and have a difficult time connecting with other students.  NRAP was developed to provide a safe and fun community where students can meet others and not feel alone. Through our on-campus center students can drop in between classes to study, attend meetings, play video games, and most of all, make new friends.


Recovering and sober living students challenge today’s perceived norms of substance use on college campuses. To support them NRAP houses recovery and wellness meetings, provides opportunities to give back to others and their community, focuses on academic success, and allows students to grow in their mind, body, and spirit.


Students living a substance free lifestyle have the opportunity to celebrate each day and not have the past define their future. NRAP focuses on overall wellness with a goal of supporting students to find acceptance, happiness, fun, peace, success, and commitment to a healthy life. Connecting with others and growing individually allows our students to thrive during their college experience!

NRAPs Blog

4 Reasons to Exercise During Addiction Recovery

In recovery self care is an important aspect of maintaining a certain level of serenity in our lives. As college students this gets only worse. In school students are often stretched thin between school, work, extra-curricular activities, recovery, and self care. Unfortunately self care is generally the first thing we cut out of our daily […]

10 Stress Reduction Tips

As the semester get to finals it is important to manage stress in this particularly stressful time. I found these ten tips to help reduce stress. I hope they help you.   You can reduce unwanted stress or manage it productively by using these top 10 strategies. Limit self-judgment Talk kindly to yourself, turning off […]

A Sober and Fun Guide to Halloween

As we approach Halloween it is important to make plans that won’t hinder you in your recovery. I found this article and felt it would be useful. Hope you enjoy it.   Are you ready for Halloween this year? If you are in recovery and need a good idea for an event, then check out […]

Unite to face addiction update

Some of NRAP’s students got the privilege of attending the unite to face addiction rally. I was one of those lucky students. I was met in DC by over 35000 people in long term recovery and allies. The rally was designed to help raise awareness about the addiction crisis facing our country as whole. It […]

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